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How my bow journey began

To fully understand my love for creating bows, you would have to journey back to my childhood with me. My sister and I would spend time in the summers with my Mama’s sister. Funny enough, we all call her “Sister”. At some point during our summer break my sister and I would climb in the back seat and head up the mountain to Galax, Virginia. Galax was a magical place for us complete with Sister’s gift shop. I vividly remember Sister standing behind the counter and completing a gift basket for a customer, complete with a hand tied bow. Her shop was full of magic, the smell of coffee beans, candles, coffee mugs, beautiful ribbons and more. I would always find myself in the back of the shop banging on her piano and now that I am an adult, I realize how special it is that she never asked me to stop and be quiet. Not once.

The years passed by and my sister and I were homeowners with our own families. One morning, we loaded our family up in the car and once again headed up the mountain to Galax. This visit, my sister sat by our Aunt and learned how to hand tie bows for hours. I did not have the patience for that so I helped all of the kids finish up their gumdrop trees. Sister was always the ultimate host, so of course the kiddos had a craft station to make gumdrop trees. For years to come my sister made all of our bows. Christmas bows were her specialty! She graciously made them for my window wreaths, garlands, porch lights and more throughout the years. We bought red velvet ribbon by the country mile!

Then six years ago, my Mama gave me an EZ bow that has been passed down through our family. I absolutely loved using that bow maker! McKenzie Cole was born soon after and I have made my own bows ever since. I love making bows from choosing ribbons until the finished bow. I love making bows for others to decorate their homes. I often gift my bows to friend and family. If you are interested in making a bow and do not know where to begin you can start with my diy bow kit here. If you would love to make bows and sell them you are welcome to join me inside of my private group here. If you need an EZ bow maker you can find one here.

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